Funding Opportunities

There are many organisations and national bodies that offer funding for digital transformation, improvement projects and research in health and social care. We are always keen to support healthcare professionals, NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Systems apply or bid for funding that can support them to get up and running using CONNECTPlus. We have a proven model of success and are experienced in bid writing and application support. Below are the latest funding opportunities on our radar. If you would like to explore any of the opportunities please get in touch or email Ellen Jenkins at

Digital Health Partnership Award Deadline: 24th June

The Digital Health Partnership Award is focused on leveraging the value that partnership working can bring in delivering and accelerating digital health technology projects within the NHS. All bids need to be led by an NHS organisation in England (you) and need to identify a technology partner (us!) as well as an evaluation partner (We work with The South West Academic Health Science Network) to ensure that the forecast benefits are measures and the project blueprint can be shared across the wider NHS.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership Test-bed sites

We are always looking for test bed sites to partner on for our KTP research work with University of Exeter around behaviour change and self management tools. If you'd like to find out more please get in touch for a chat about the programme.