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Home of.... personalised Health and Care Video Libraries fully integrating video into pathways of care

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  • Jack Greenhalgh.png star
    Jack Greenhalgh
    Cardiac Charge Nurse
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    NHSX Patient Survey
    National Health and Care Video Library
    Opening quote

    66.67% of those respondents who were directed by a clinician to watch a video or videos as part of their clinical pathway, said the information they got in the video or videos saved them the need to further contact a healthcare professional

    Closing quote
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  • Will Gallagher 2.png star
    Will Gallagher
    Urology Registrar
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  • Phil-Keeling.jpg star
    Phil Keeling
    Consultant Cardiologist
    Opening quote

    The videos have markedly improved the consent process and allowed us to  cancel the pre-admission appointment with our arrhythmia nurses.

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  • Lily Westlake 1.png star
    Lily Westlake
    Rheumatology Patient
    Opening quote

    You can’t always retain information but if you’ve got it on a screen that you can get at it quickly, it’s so helpful.

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  • Jonathan Broad 'QIPI'.png star
    Jonathan Broad
    QIPI - Quality Improvement, Patient Involvement
    Opening quote

    I would recommend HCI to every health or care provider. They bring real benefit to patients and added value to any service.

    Closing quote
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  • Frances Hunt.png star
    Frances Hunt
    Acting Head of Physiotherapy
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  • Julie Kemner.png star
    Julie Kemmner
    Clinical Community Dietitian and Team Lead
    Opening quote

    We cover nearly 200 care homes and we’re a small team of 3.6 whole time equivalent staff, so the digital information really does help to manage our waiting lists

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  • Angie Abbott.png star
    Angie Abbott
    Head of Podiatry and Orthotics
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  • Will Gallagher 1png.png star
    Will Gallagher
    Urology Registrar
    Opening quote

    You can send a video to patients for them to watch at home so appointments are significantly reduced, or in some cases you don’t even need to bring patients back to the clinic.

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