CONNECTPlus: Connecting your system and delivering remote care

The CONNECTPlus app supports the large and growing number of people with multiple health conditions.

  • Information to enable care closer to home
  • One platform for all conditions in all care settings
  • Improving care and delivering population health and wellbeing

CONNECTPlus makes remote care across your system a reality.


Delivering Remote Care

Care for as many patients as possible as close to home as possible, by:

  • Using information to help patients self-manage 
  • Using symptom trackers to intervene with precision
  • Providing digital pathways to guide prehab and rehab

Empowering Citizens

Providing access to information to enable people to take an active role in their health and well-being, by:

  • Delivering system-wide information
  • Providing tools to enable self-management
  • Delivering digital inclusion using multi-media

Improving Care

Ensuring patients get the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by:

  • Enabling remote care using PIFU, Waiting Well and Elective Recovery
  • Capturing symptoms in patients’ homes for use across organisational boundaries 
  • Releasing resources to focus on patients in greatest need
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CONNECTPlus illustration

Healthier populations

Use data to deliver improvements to population health and wellbeing, by:

  • Using PREMS and PROMS to intervene with precision
  • Using information to educate, enable and engage patients in their wellbeing
  • Analysing real world patient data to improve population health

The CONNECTPlus app from HCI offers:

Who are HCI?

At HCI we transform pathways of care using digital information to educate and empower patients and to improve their care. We do this using:

  • Our CONNECTPlus app. The only app that allows patients to manage all their conditions in one place
  • The Health and Care Video Library. Over 800 videos that support patients by educating them about their condition and treatment pathways

We work with over 20 NHS trusts and the Health and Care Video Library has been used by NHS England to support hospitals and GP practices nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic