Admission Avoidance

Providing patient education and support tools, closer to home


The Challenge

  • An ageing population
  • Less healthy lifestyles
  • Increasing multiple morbidities
  • The ability to treat more conditions
  • A global shortage of healthcare professionals

Together, demand outstrips supply

The Solution

Shift Left, Stay Left

  • Care for patients closer to home
  • Higher quality of care at a lower cost
  • Reduced demand
  • HCPs operating at the top of their licence

Deliver the highest quality of life and maximise cost avoidance

Shift Left 2

The role of CONNECTPlus

  • Multiple conditions & procedures to manage the whole person
  • Targeted, quality patient information and guidance
  • Remote patient monitoring for improved decision making
  • Localisation to make people feel connected

Educated, empowered and engaged patients shift left.

Conditions live: COVID-19, Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Foot, Gestational Diabetes

CONNECTPlus Impact

  • Patients are empowered and more confident
  • Shorter waiting lists
  • 40% reduction in calls to nurse helplines
  • Remote education for new start patients for DMARDs and Biologics
  • 75% reduction in Biologics appointments
  • Winners of the Building Better Healthcare Award for Patient Centred Healthcare Software 2021

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