Helping patients to “Wait Well”

The CONNECTPlus app can be used to help patients whilst they wait for treatment:

  • Turn passive delays into positive preparation
  • Provide information to support and guide
  • Support self-management and shared decision-making
  • Offer “prehab” programmes
  • Monitor symptoms in readiness for treatment
  • Provide pathways to specialist advice and support
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The Challenge

  • Growing waiting lists
  • Reputational damage for your service
  • Anxious patients and families
  • Uncertainty due to changes in treatment plans
  • Needing to validate and prioritise waiting lists
  • Keeping patients positive and informed

The Opportunity

To make Waiting Well part of the treatment journey:

  • Make waiting lists a active experience
  • Get on the front foot by changing expectations
  • Use the time to prepare your patients for treatment
  • Make referral the start of treatment
  • Use data to reduce appointment volumes
  • Empower patients to self-management whilst waiting

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The How

What role can CONNECTPlus play?

  • Providing clear and consistent information
  • Encouraging improved health in readiness for treatment
  • Providing preparation activities and exercises
  • Gathering symptom scores to aid triage
  • Using FAQs to reduce contact volumes
  • Providing easier access to key contacts
  • Signposting to voluntary and community support

The Solution

Who are HCI?

At HCI we transform pathways of care using digital information to educate and empower patients and to improve their care. We do this using:

  • Our CONNECTPlus app. The only app that allows patients to manage all their conditions in one place
  • The Health and Care Video Library. Over 800 videos that support patients by educating them about their condition and treatment pathways

We work with over 20 NHS trusts and the Health and Care Video Library has been used by NHS England to support hospitals and GP practices nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic