CONNECTPlus receives amazing feedback after receiving the 'Runner Up' award at PENNA22

In September 2022, HCI was awarded 'runners up' at the PEN National Awards 2022.

These awards showcase best practice in patient experience across all facets of health and social care in the UK, and are held by the Patient Experience Network - who support, endorse, and found great experiences in care, whether this is patients, carers or staff; individuals, teams or entire organisations.

Recently, the feedback on HCI's application came back - with impressive results. The judges' comments included:

"Too often healthcare feels siloed and what I love about this initiative is the bringing together of information and symptom tracking for multiple conditions and pathways. The entry had clear objectives of reducing backlog, improving the lives of people living with multimorbidity, but also supporting understaffed teams, and the team have demonstrated quantifiable impact in outcomes such as reductions in waiting times and appointments required and a 40% reduction in daily calls to the helpline - which is impressive! The patient video clips bring to life the impact for them too. This was a very thorough and well thought through entry with strong evidence of execution and impact".

"So much to love about this project tackling such an important issues. Thank you for sharing the videos and including quotes. Also liked to see how this has improved the experience. All in all a great submission. Perhaps a little light on the leadership piece for me, but huge congratulations on this achievement".

"A great project that that has had numerous positive impacts including accessible information and support to service users via the app. Well done".

PENNA Poster