Following the success of our first #ThinkBigActNow series, which focused on sharing practical solutions to ‘tackling the NHS backlog’, we're absolutely delighted to be bringing you a second dose, Series 2: Power to the Patient!

Empowerment is one of many buzzwords in health, but like it or loathe it; it’s important, and what it means to different people can vary.

At HCI we’ve been fortunate enough to hear directly from patients using our products what it means to be ‘empowered’ and we know we are not the only ones who put patients ‘at the heart of what we do’.

We invite you to join us in our new series of talks to explore what patient empowerment means, why it matters and how we can achieve it. In each episode, HCI’s Chairman, Richard Wyatt-Haines, will spend 25 (ish!) minutes talking to interesting and inspiring people who are influencing the adoption of digital health, with a focus on what happens when we enable people to be active and engaged in their healthcare and how we can #ThinkBigActNow to give #PowerToThePatient!

Why, we hear you say?

We talk to lots of people in our line of work and we think that some of the daily conversations we have with our partners and healthcare professionals explore topics that are definitely worth sharing. You can now tune into our series of new conversations, available to consume in a way that suits you best (video, text or audio) with no requirement to join a live link or work your day around a time slot.