The HCI Health and Care Video Library

Welcome to the home of the largest library of videos for patients in the country

  • Over 1,000 videos to support your patients
  • Guidance for care pathways, condition management, and wider health and wellbeing
  • All developed with and approved by teams in the NHS
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Saving time, and reducing the number of appointments and calls

The Health and Care Video Library is a resource that enables your patients and wider community to self-manage their care at home using clear and concise online information in order to reduce demand.

If you are a patient or a member of the public looking for the National Video Library, please use this form to let us know what videos you are looking for and we will try to help you.

The Impact

Here are some of the savings seen across multiple specialties in one Trust:

  • Podiatry - 80% reduction in follow-up appointments, £164,000 and 2,400 appointments p.a.
  • Maternity - 30 minute reduction in appointment time for postnatal discharge, £84,240 and 980 hours p.a.
  • Gastroenterology - Improving the quality of preparation for colonoscopies, £43,243 and 250 appointments p.a.
  • Cardiology - Using video to offer group clinics, and preventing pre-op assessments by using video at home, £68,508 and 500 appointments p.a.
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Patient education, guidance and support

  • Assist and support self-management
  • Help with condition management
  • Provide symptom guidance
  • Enable better treatment preparation
  • Generic healthy living and wellbeing information

Create your own video channel

  • Pick the videos you want for your patients
  • Personalise the platform with your own branding
  • Add links to local resources, support groups and charities
  • Support telephone and video consultations
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Delivering for Patients

In our latest patient survey of 1,567 patients using the videos:

  • 35% said it saved the need to contact a healthcare professional
  • 72% were enabled to make an informed decision
  • 82% were either very satisfied or satisfied
  • 92% said the content was relevant to them

Video Production Services

  • We can produce more videos for your specific needs
  • Use our library of over 5,000 health related videos clips
  • Videos for staff training
  • Simple and quick process makes it easy for you
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Helping to achieve Net Zero

  • Reducing the number of in person visits
  • Reduction in staff travel to appointments
  • Reduction in the use of medicines from fewer complications
  • Fewer in-patient hospital visitor
  • Care delivered closer to home

Multilingual videos for Core20PLUS5

  • Support ethnic minority communities
  • Promote equal and greater access
  • Convert any of our videos into the language of your choice
  • Add subtitles in multiple languages